Strike a Match

Linda Spelko and Juliet Bacchas




Linda Spelko And Juliet Bacchas met at another pottery studio 15years ago. When we met we both had the same dream of having our own studio, today, together we own the Juliet Rose Gallery & Studio in Monson, Ma. For 13 years we have taught classes and workshops from our Monson studio as well as other studios. Part of our joy is to share our knowledge and love of clay with others in our classes and workshops. We have enjoyed traveling and doing art shows through out the New England states as well as, at least 3 shows per year at our studio.


We thoroughly enjoy working in clay, the feel of the clay, the smell, it is a most beautiful medium to work with. Everyday it is a blessing to create wonderfully unique, original, handmade, and one of a kind pottery and sculptures that bring joy to others.









Linda studied pottery at Palmer High School, home schooled her four daughters and then 13 years ago she returned to her love of clay. Her work is greatly inspired by nature and the Asian sense of lines and form. She has also drawn inspiration from the beautiful Jamaican landscape. Linda works predominantly on the potters wheel.



Juliet studied at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. Her work is strongly influenced by nature and the culture and people of her birth Island (Jamaica). Juliet works with a hand building technique call African Coiling. African Coiling is originated in West Africa, which is thousands of years in tradition.



We thoroughly enjoy working together and sometimes we have the pleasure of collaborating on a project such as the Carved Globes. Some of our Globes are wheel thrown and some are African coiled. All of them are hand carved and hand cut negative spaces.