Bruce Piermarini

9/14/18 - 12/1/18






Born in 1953, Bruce Piermarini is an abstract painter living and working in West Brookfield Massachusetts. He attended the School of Visual Arts in the mid 70’s and studied with the great color field painters in NYC at that time. He received his Masters of fine Arts degree in 1980 from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Mt. Royal School of painting. 1982 he met the Art critic and writer Ken Moffett, with whom he had a long affiliation.


Over the past four decades, his work has been presented in numerous galleries and museums worldwide, the most recent being at the Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.






His process begins by imagining a shape and general color idea and making a drawing. The drawing is transposed to a plywood support, cut out, and then painted by pouring acrylic paint over the surface. A final coat of clear resin is applied to unify the surface. Smaller elements are then composed on the surface to bring together the color relationships.


The artist’s intent is to make a glossy translucent object with a reflective surface much like that of a cell phone, iPad, TV or computer screen. The glassy edges are left rough and the objects look as though they have been cut out with a pair of scissors. Infused with color the objects come alive and have an inherent personality: An iconographic image with an identity, they are vibrant, funky, happy, pensive, hopeful, lively and almost edible.