SEPTEMBER 2018 – MAY 2019

Jeremy Geragotelis:

As a playwright and director, my work examines the presence of moral thought in theater. I am influenced by the Greek tragic canon, where considerations of social mechanics are naturally imbedded in the dramatic fiber of a play. My current theater-making practice works to reject standardized hierarchical methods of making. I view a making opportunity as inherently collaborative - an opportunity to practice moral thought with fellow artists by building a rehearsal culture based in compassion. I track the influence of this non-traditional process on the theatrical product: does morality need to be overt or can it be accessed implicitly in the manner through which we approach the content of a play?

I work interdisciplinary and keep up a practice as a poet, composer, and painter.  I will use my time in residence to not only generate theater work but also compile my thoughts on the debate on tonality in twentieth century music and its larger artistic impacts.