January 2017 –April 2017


David CasaliMy work involves the pursuit of various aspects and genres of Western Classical Music, systematizing these practices and skills into a comprehensive educational method in order to help students become complete, well-rounded musicians. I have an extensive background in music theory, ear training and improvisation and feel as though these skills are often neglected in most young musicians’ educational plans. I believe that a solid music education is crucial to the development of confidence and critical thinking skills in young students, particularly those with more hands-on, dynamic learning styles.

I am currently working on refining the most commonly requested solo works and orchestral excerpts in the double bass repertoire, as well as looking to perform modern works for the solo double bass in the area to further establish the double bass as an expressive solo instrument. I am also looking to create performances combining the double bass with various artistic mediums, including painting, photography and spoken-word.