Gallery Exhibiting Policy

The Center at Eagle Hill has 13 non-secure, open alcove zones and 1 glassed in, locking space: Alsop Gallery. All spaces are designed to complement the presented artwork with neutral colored walls, museum quality lighting, and hanging systems.  Spaces Gallery is open to the campus community and public daily. Exhibits include works of art in various media created by students, faculty, alumni, and regional artists, as well as national and international artists.

The gallery team (director, student interns) curates a variety of exhibits annually. Because we are committed to serving our student population by fulfilling our mission, themes and schedules for Spaces Gallery are geared toward supporting and enhancing the learning goals of both the academic and residential programs. Spaces Gallery hosts 2 invitational exhibits, in addition to an annual student/ faculty/alumni exhibit in conjunction with the Arts on the Hill family weekend in May. This exhibit continues throughout the summer.



1 open alcove 6’6”W x 10’H x 3 ½”D
2 open alcoves 10’W x 10’H x 3 ½”D (has a sight interference – railing)
1 open alcove 5’3”W x 32” H x 3 ½”D (has a fire alarm in lower half)
1 open alcove 5’3”W x 6’6”H x 3 1/2D
2 open alcoves 11’6”W x 6’6”H x 3 ½” D
6 open alcoves 8’6” W x 6’6”H x 3 1/2”D
Alsop Gallery: one 24’w x 6’H wall in a space 6’deep


The building is fully secure after curfew or after public programs are complete
Daily and during public performance occasions the galleries are open
Alsop Gallery is completely lockable; the alcove zones are completely open.


Each exhibit is insured in full, provided the artist has submitted an approved inventory list that includes the value of each piece. Although a work of art has never been stolen, artists should bear in mind the limited security arrangements when deciding which works to exhibit.



Artwork may be sold. However, each artist is responsible for conducting the sale of any work directly with the buyer. Works sold must remain on exhibit throughout the designated period.
EHS takes no commissions


EHS is mindful that all segments of the community and all age groups will have access to all exhibits, therefore we reserve the right to be discriminatory concerning the appropriateness of works of sensitive or controversial nature (e.g. works including nudity, violence, etc.).



Each artist can choose to present a 40 minutes school-wide presentation; presentation content to be discussed with the artist,


Each artist may choose to interact with our student body and faculty community through participation in a type of mutually agreed upon hands-on activity, such as a workshop or artist-led creative experience. (preferred)

The artist will receive a stipend for these services.



press releases
announcement/invitation, paper and electronic (we will pay for mailing up to 100 announcements for you)
web site highlighting
opening reception hosted by EHS


statement relating to the work being exhibited
CD or emailed jpegs of at least 5 pieces that will be included in the exhibit.
detailed artwork list including prices (for insurance purposes)
artist contact information
photograph of the artist
address of artist’s local newspaper
any supporting materials the artist wishes Spaces Gallery to work with.