The Gallery at Eagle Hill


The visual arts involve ways of thinking, looking, and making that are integral to all of life. Spaces curates exhibits that show how art is connected to the intellectual, social, environmental, personal, and career lives of our students and visitors




Gallery Program Description


Students ask, “Why do I need to know this?” As educators we assist our students in their search for realistic connections in their personal lives that answer the query. Art is a cohesive agent and the EHS Gallery Program intentionally exploits the special ability of the artist’s eye to meaningfully relate visual art to life.

Our exhibiting artists are inquisitive, thoughtful talents who “have something to say.” Many of them have personal experiences with the challenges and blessings of learning disabilities. Their creative inspiration springs from their responses to ideas, problems, issues, information, and questions generated by their life experiences. Their searches and solutions help our students and visitors witness art’s relevance within the world through a variety of expressive perspectives.

Students are involved with all aspects of the EHS Gallery Program. Students work and gain experience in arts administration, exhibit planning, and the daily operation of a professional gallery. Students have the opportunity to be exhibiting artists, take on special project roles, and to apply for gallery internships. As gallery interns they learn professional practices including how to measure and plan the use of exhibition space; design and write exhibition brochures; promote exhibitions within the campus and local community; install works of art; and act as docents introducing exhibits to visitors.