Spaces: The Gallery at Eagle Hill

The visual arts involve ways of thinking, looking, and making that are integral to all of life. Spaces curates exhibits that show how art is connected to the intellectual, social, environmental, personal, and career lives of our students and visitors.

When you enter the sun-lit atrium lobby of the Center, art surrounds you. It also surprises you: art displayed in purpose-built gallery alcoves reveals itself as you stroll along the lobby’s curved surfaces. There might be student art, or faculty art, or visiting exhibitions by local, national, or international artists. There might be one huge exhibition by a single artist, or many small ones. Exhibitions address seasonal themes in myriad engaging ways. Check out our current exhibition. We look forward to seeing you.


Open M-F, 3:30-5:00 p.m. and by appointment
Contact JongHun Kim Curator/Coordinator


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