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STAR Collaboration at Eagle Hill

The STAR Collaboration (Students, Teachers, Artists-in-Residence) at Eagle Hill advances artistic approaches to education by connecting diverse learners to accomplished artists who live, learn, and create new work on campus.

The STAR Collaboration invites artists of all disciplines to come away for a semester of focused art work, and to come together with our students and teachers to facilitate learning.

STAR residents can be at any stage of their careers — emerging and well-established artists, art teachers, and those returning to former careers in the arts. STAR artists are educators-at-heart, who want to work with young people while expanding the definition of what being an educator means; who are interested in novel, interdisciplinary educational approaches; and who thrive on collaboration with others.

We provide STAR artists with studio facilities, room and board, a monthly stipend and a materials budget, dedicated, distraction-free time to make art, and opportunities to develop teaching skills through professional relationships with mentor teachers. We work with each artist to find a healthy balance of creative sanctuary and community engagement.

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Call to Artists

Interested in becoming a STAR Artist?

Contact Molly Romaker, STAR Coordinator, with questions or for more details.

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Current Resident STAR Artist

Janelle Bighinatti

Janelle Bighinatti is a photographer, writer, and painter, as well as a legal assistant by day. Having resided for many years in Seattle, Janelle recently relocated north to a small city in the dramatic Skagit Valley. 

Wandering and observing is how she travels through life and also how she makes her photographs. Janelle's photography work emphasizes texture, precise framing, and chiaroscuro contrasts of light and shadow. She is often drawn to pathways, portals, doors, and windows. She sees the world through the lens of history, and through her art makes it come alive – evoking deeper realities than one can see on the surface, and showcasing the interconnectedness of the world throughout time and space.

The last several years have seen Janelle returning to film photography as well as learning to shoot with antique cameras, deepening her storytelling through poetry and many forms of painting, and blurring the line between painting and photography with mixed media photo experiments. Among her current projects are a series on portals captured through photography and watercolor sketches, and expressing the inner world through several abstract series on canvas with bright acrylic and metallic paints.

Janelle Bighinatti


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Meet Our Former STAR Artists

Sarah Elliott

Visual Arts

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Sam Hunter

Theatre Arts

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Adis Halilovic

Visual Arts

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Behind the Scenes: Taylor Judge ’07

EHS alumna Taylor Judge ’07 gives a personal look into the STAR Collaboration and the Eagle Hill arts experience, as she reflects on her return to Eagle Hill as a STAR artist.